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Testosterone Enanthate 400 Painless Injectable Semi Finished Steroids Liquids Test E Powder Recipes for Bodybuilding

Testosterone Enanthate 400 Painless Injectable Semi Finished Steroids Liquids Test E Powder Recipes for Bodybuilding

    • Testosterone Enanthate 400 Painless Injectable Semi Finished Steroids Liquids Test E Powder Recipes for Bodybuilding
    • Testosterone Enanthate 400 Painless Injectable Semi Finished Steroids Liquids Test E Powder Recipes for Bodybuilding
  • Testosterone Enanthate 400 Painless Injectable Semi Finished Steroids Liquids Test E Powder Recipes for Bodybuilding

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: China
    Brand Name: RAWSGEAR
    Certification: ISO 9001, USP,GMP
    Model Number: Testosterone Enanthate 400mg/ml

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Minimum Order Quantity: 50ml
    Price: negotiation
    Packaging Details: Well disguised package with safe new shipping method;As requested.
    Delivery Time: Shipment within 24 hours, 3 to 5 days arrived
    Payment Terms: Western Union, MoneyGram, T/T, Bitcoin
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    Detailed Product Description
    Product Name: Testosterone Enanthate 400mg/ml Trademark: Pharmade
    Injection Or Oral: Injectable Blend Oil Purity: >99%
    Shipping Policy: 100% Free Resend Policy Transport Package: 50ml/100ml/500ml/1000ml/Piece
    Storage: Ventilation Low Temperature Drying Shipping Method: EMS,HKEMS,FEDEX,DHL,UPS,Aramex,ETC
    High Light:

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    Injectable Rip Cut 175 Blend Steroid 175mg/Ml for Muscle Building



    Product Description


    Testosterone enanthate 400 (Test E 400mg/ml ; Enanject 400) contains testosterone enanthate in a 10ml solution for injection (400mg testosterone enanthate / ml).


    Test enan 400 is a clear, yellowish oily solution for intramuscular injection.

    Minimum order quantity: 50ml .

    Anabolic effects - 100% of testosterone.

    Androgenic effects - 100% of testosterone.

    Conversion rate into estrogen - high.

    Suppression of the hypothalamic-pituitary-testes - significant.

    Toxicity to the liver - is absent.

    Duration of the action - up to half a month.

    Detection time - up to 3 months.

    Tips :

    1. All steroid powders, oil and solvents used to make steroid injections are USP/BP standard .
    2. We only offer semi-finished steroid injections. You just need to buy some syringe filters
    To filter it before injection. Heating semi-finished steroid injections to 20º C will make


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    Testosterone Enanthate 400 Painless Injectable Semi Finished Steroids Liquids Test E Powder Recipes for Bodybuilding 0

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