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Pharma Grade Injection Anabolic Steroid Articles Active For Muscle Gaining

Pharma Grade Injection Anabolic Steroid Articles Active For Muscle Gaining

  • Pharma Grade Injection Anabolic Steroid Articles Active For Muscle Gaining
  • Pharma Grade Injection Anabolic Steroid Articles Active For Muscle Gaining
Pharma Grade Injection Anabolic Steroid Articles Active For Muscle Gaining
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anabolic steroid hormones


Diffrent between Pharmaceutical Prohormones and Anabolic Steroid/the effect of them



What is steroid ?


A steroid is any hormone that has a cholesterol backbone. Adrenal glands and gonads (testes in male or female ovaries) are organs that cause cholesterol to form steroids. Most people will consider improving performance when they hear the term "steroids", but not all steroids are enhanced. Estrogens are, for example, steroids, so theoretically, each woman who receives control is "steroids". Hormones are supplements that are inactive until the liver converts them into active hormones. They may or may not have a cholesterol skeleton, so they can be converted into a steroid, or they can be transformed into something completely different. Preoperative hormones do not mean steroids.


What is hormones?


Hormones are synthetic androgenic androgen-like steroid precursors. In short, these substances are not anabolic steroids, but once the intake is converted to produce anabolic steroid. However, although this is the purpose of the hormone, some of the supplements carrying the hormonal label are nothing more than an anabolic steroid that does not require transformation. The popular Superdrol may be the best example of a steroid being labeled as a hormone.


Because hormones are not part of the 1990 "steroid therapy", many athletes and bodybuilders have chosen a legal route to keep the law safe. Hormones work, can work very well. Hormone hormones are as effective as real anabolic steroids, but because they provide legal comfort, they are shown to be suitable for many males.


The benefits of steroids


There are many different types of steroids, but those with improved ability are usually testosterone, derivatives or synthetic versions of testosterone. So in order to compare hormones and steroids, we will narrow the scope of discussion to a synergistic discussion, often referred to as androgen and anabolic steroids or AAS. AAS can increase muscle size and strength in a number of different ways. Cells have receptors that, when bound, the hormone receptor complex migrates into the muscle nucleus and initiates the process of constructing new proteins and muscle fibers by activating the DNA. It will also cause other mechanisms to activate. This includes IGF-1 and satellite cell migration, not only leading to muscle becoming stronger, denser and larger, but also to split and divide to make new cells. Most science textbooks and other doctors think this is impossible. But it is.



AAS is homemade, injectable ... do you want to inject some gymnasiums in his kitchen? The worst part is that once you start registering AAS, there is a good chance that you will have to use AAS for the rest of your life. When you use AAS for a long time, your testicles may and may stop producing testosterone. This may cause you to lose all the muscles, and if you are no longer able to maintain the erection, your wife or girlfriend will lose all the muscles. There are many more side effects, but are not that enough? Of course, they are very illegal and more important than any other prescription drug abuse.


The Cycle of Steroids


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The benefits of hormones


Hormones are oral or sub-language supplements when converted to active hormones. This hormone will bind to the muscle and, if bound to the testosterone receptor, the results will be similar to those of AAS. Some hormones may be non-steroidal, but as with testosterone and the combination of androgen receptors. This means that although it is not a steroid, it gives you the same benefit, assuming it is well integrated with the receptor. They are made by the laboratory and are regulated by the FDA. The most important thing is that they are legal and available!



The cycle of Hormone


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Draw the prelude


And anything like that, a lot of good things are bad. Let's look at the water, the delicious and the necessary life on earth, but too much is called drowning. Any supplement can be bad, if too much, AKA abuse. When recommended hormones are recommended, they are safe, otherwise the FDA will not allow you to shop at the store or this website. To ensure that I have been conducting a human test and found that AMS's products are safe. I do not know the exact compound because it is a double-blind prospective human trial: the highest level of human research.


The final winner is ...


So if you want a safe alternative to androgen and anabolic steroids, there is no proven side effect if you follow the instructions, then if one of your men over 21 years old does not exclude the condition on the product label, your hormone is you of.


Summary of steroids and Hormone


Once the substance enters the body, the main difference between steroids and hormones is the transformation process. When you take steroids, you are actually putting your hormones into your body.


Using hormones, the compounds you take are not hormones themselves, but rather enter your body, hormone levels increase.


Many people on the network think that the right thinking hormones are the same as steroids, and you can get muscle mass similar to compounds such as dianabol and trenbolone.


The hormone is completely different and can help you build as much muscle as your real steroid. Hormones are a legitimate reason, because they are much more harsh for your body.


I hope that this definition can clear what is hormones that are actually legal, and the key differences between steroids and hormones.




Many people have learned about the metabolic steroids, but what exactly is hormones, what's the difference between the two?


Your body has naturally produced steroids such as glucocorticoids, mineralocorticoids and androgens (testosterone and DHT).


Hormones are compounds that increase the production of natural steroids once they enter the body. Without this conversion, the user will not be able to experience significant power and muscle benefits.


However, because you initially entered the body is not synthetic hormone itself, so hormones are not classified as steroids. While using steroids, you are injecting / swallowing the synthetic version of the actual hormone.



The Hormone transform to steroids


The ability of hormones to convert to other steroids is certainly nothing new. After all, many of our traditional AAS do this. Let's look at a few examples. Boldenone (commonly known as EQ) is BB'rs often used as a veterinary steroid, but can also be converted into another very effective steroid called dihydrocholinesone (1-testosterone). This undeniably makes Boldenone the PH of the hydrocholine, but we have never heard of the use of Boldenone as PH. Ironically, the old supplements called 1-AD are also converted to 1-testosterone, but are specifically released as hormones. Another example of sharing the PH-AAS double title of the traditional steroid is all steroids, testosterone big dad. Testosterone is technically a PH because it is transformed into several other active metabolites. Have you heard of dihydrotestosterone? What about estrogen? Then, testosterone into both, officially make it a hormone.


I can continue to list dozens of other steroids, all of which are converted into other active metabolites in the body, but you get to know. So, the traditional steroids and OTC PHs usually show exactly the same characteristics, why so many people will distinguish these drugs and divide them into different stages? Although the original reason may be that supplemental allocators can distinguish their products from illicit steroids, thereby minimizing the likelihood of FDA involvement, the second reason is due to a lack of knowledge about the history of steroids. In order to understand how we arrived at this moment, we need to look back at time to see how the steroid market develops, because these years are responsible for forming what we are currently understanding of steroids.



In order to making better to use of hormone and steroids, We should divisiving them

So far, PH industry has a clear agenda to distinguish between these products and steroids. Even the main magazines of the time, was the main source of product information of this nature, and the spread of the wrong message. In many cases, it has been claimed that PH can not mediate anabolic activity in its pre-transformation state and is therefore defined as non-steroidal. Whether it's because of legal ignorance or the desire to isolate these products from traditional steroids, I do not know. In any case, time has shown that this lie is dead. Even today, a large part of our BBBrs think they can not start the growth pre-conversion. There are a lot of contradictory information there, and people who are less educated are still misled.


We spent the last few paragraphs discussing similarities between PH and traditional steroids, providing several examples of PHs showing the anabolic effect before and after the transformation. However, some PHs do not have synthetic metabolic activity in their original state, but must be transformed into active AAS to positively affect muscle growth. The metabolism of testosterone in humans provides examples of two types of PHs. see below.


Testosterone metabolism



Andreas Tandyone


Progesterone ketone



When you start working from the bottom, you can see that cholesterol is the first step in the synthesis of testosterone in vivo. Although cholesterol itself does not exhibit anabolic activity, it is technically cholesterol that is a steroid hormone and can also be used as the PH of pregnenolone. In the same way, pregnenolone is the pH of DHEA, which has a significant effect on the growth of typical men. These are examples of PHs that must undergo a conversion process to elicit any type of growth response. Before we come to a self-mediating growth of the PH, we need to go all the way to a ladder, to ambition. After the androgen, we reached the testosterone, and finally we came to DHT. In addition to DHT, each of these single hormones is PH, but also steroids, because DHT can not be converted into any material beyond their own. Other examples of traditional / designed steroids that can not be converted to other active metabolites are: Anavar, SD, Anadrol, Winstrol, M1T, Methylstenbolone and Trenbolone.


It is hoped that this brief explanation will at least help distinguish between various steroids and the demolition of the current OTC products. So the next time you see someone on the board that hormones are not "real" gears, you will be able to correct the errors accordingly.


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