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Pharmaceutical Anabolic Steroid Articles , Muscle Gain Powder Injection

Pharmaceutical Anabolic Steroid Articles , Muscle Gain Powder Injection

  • Pharmaceutical Anabolic Steroid Articles , Muscle Gain Powder Injection
  • Pharmaceutical Anabolic Steroid Articles , Muscle Gain Powder Injection
Pharmaceutical Anabolic Steroid Articles , Muscle Gain Powder Injection
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How to injection steroids in health 8 prepare teps and in specific locations?


Steroids inject information


You have seen movies and TV shows a million times; the use of steroids "bad guys" is portrayed as low degradation, when he injects his steroids, he will put the needle into his buttocks cheek, not in the world. If you know about the knowledge of anabolic steroids, then you know how ridiculous it is; of course, you know that everything you see on TV or movies is very ridiculous, that is, synthetic metabolic steroids. Even so, if you've never added you do not know how to inject steroids; in fact, you might think that the fool friends we described above are dead. Luckily, you come to the right place and we will explain to you how to inject steroids as well as every step you need to take. Before we sneak into this, understand this truth; it's a simple process that is simple and simple that all of us can do it, but if you do not know what you do not know and everything you have to learn first. After reading this article, you will know how to inject steroids, from where you can care about your more important things.


How to inject steroids?


Go to any message board, at some point you will find clues, people ask how to inject steroids in some of the most ridiculous way to imagine. You will find those who ask how intravenous injections of steroids, and if you search for long enough time, you may find clues to how people ask for steroids into the scrotum. Let us clear, it is clear; you do not intravenous injection of metabolic steroids. Synthetic metabolism Androgen steroids are intended to be injected into muscle tissue, but some steroids can also be injected subcutaneously. (All the answers to the questions on this question can be answered by watching the video above)


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How to inject steroids - prepare?


If you want to know how to inject steroids, the first thing you need to know is how to prepare for injections. You know you need to stick it in muscle tissue, we will see in the details of the back, but there are more. The injection of anabolic steroids requires eight specific steps, although it sounds like a lot, but the whole process should not take only a minute. Failure to follow these eight very simple steps may lead to complications such as infection or very uncomfortable injections, as well as unnecessary injection areas.


Step 1: Select the needle - we can use many needle sizes and you need the right needle to finish the job. There is no reason to choose a big needle, but you do not want a little so little, the oil hardly passes through. In most cases, a 23g-25g needle will meet your needs. For needle length, 1 "is long enough for most people, but 1.5" is also appropriate. Some people will find that ½ "needles are enough, but only when they are injected into very low body fat areas. Regardless of the size of the needle you choose, you will always use a clean needle that has never been used once.


Step 2: Draw the air - the first step is to draw at least the same amount of air into the syringe to match the amount of oil you will inject into the syringe before inhalation of the steroid into the syringe. This is not absolutely necessary, but it will make the fourth step easier. In addition, most people will find it easier to draw some air than to be needed to make things easier.


Step 3: Empty the air - Put the needle in the oil (the steroid you use) and push all the air in so that you can easily paint the oil. Again, you do not have to do that, but there is no need to skip it.


Step 4: Refueling - simply pull the syringe plunger back to the desired amount; most people will find that a little more (a few) of the paintings are useful. Side note Many people choose to use this "pull needle" for this purpose refers to the use of larger needles. In this case, you will use 20g-21g needle to inject the oil into the syringe because it is easier and faster. If you select this method, you will use the traction needle according to steps 2 and 3, then replace the needle with the needle selected in step 1.


Step 5: Remove Bubble - Now Oil In the syringe, you can push the plunger forward to remove all the bubbles when you lean your finger against the side of the syringe. This will cause a little bit of oil to be fired from the needle, but that's why you draw a little extra.


Step 6: Disinfect - Identify the muscles and specific locations to be injected and sterilize with alcohol. Putting alcohol on cotton balls will work, but alcohol is perfect.


Step 7: Insert the needle and aspirate - Once the area is sterilized, insert the needle into the desired position, but do not inject it. Once the needle is firmly in place, pull the syringe back; this is the so-called inhale. When you suck out, if the blood is filled into the syringe, remove the needle and select a new position. If the blood has entered the syringe, then you have hit the veins or blood vessels, and if you inject a chance, you will be called "Tren Cough" (Tren Cough) prey. Trenbolone is the most infamous cause of this situation The synthetic metabolic steroids, but even the testosterone may also occur. When you hit the veins or blood vessels, some steroids enter the lungs, resulting in potentially terrible and painful severe coughs. Your mouth will taste like a metal, some people say that the teeth will even hurt, you will be more powerful than before the cough. Do not let this scare you if you attract and follow our advice and you will be fine. If you inhale, no blood into the syringe, you can inject it.


Step 8: If you follow steps 1-7 in step 7 and do not have blood into the syringe, you can inject your steroids. Just push the plunger until all the oil has entered the desired position.



Post injection program


D-Anabol 25 You now know how to inject steroids, but you now need to know what to do immediately after injection. This is part of the program, so many people ignore that this is something that should not be overlooked. To start, it takes only a little time, and more importantly, it will only make it all go well. This is a simple three-step process as follows:


Step 1: All the oil has been injected, but at this point you are not ready to remove the needle. Place the needle for about 20-30 seconds to ensure that all the oil has been deep into the muscles. If you skip this step, there are some chances that some may leak out, or worse, below the skin; this can lead to aseptic abscesses and is very painful.


Step 2: After step 1, you are ready to clear the needle, and as you do, you will place a clean, never-used cotton ball directly on the injection area. Apply pressure to keep the cotton balls in place for about 20-30 seconds. There is a decent opportunity to have a little blood on the cotton balls (that's why you do it), but there is no reason to worry; remember that you just pierced your skin.


Step 3: After step 3, remove the cotton ball and firmly press the area for a few seconds to ensure that all the oil is scattered into the muscle; after step 3 is completed.



The effect of Steroids


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How to inject steroids - specific locations?


You know how to inject steroids, you understand the procedures before and after injection, but now you need to understand the most critical part; specific intramuscular injection. There are nine specific muscle groups on the body that can be used for synthetic metabolic steroid injections, and in most groups there are many locations. In the following chart, we list a brief description of each muscle group, each position, and how to inject steroids into that particular location; we further provide additional instructions:





Muscle Group Location Procedure Notes
Biceps Center of Each Head Dead center of either head – 2 spots per bicep Normally suitable for only small injections – can only hold small amounts of oil – painful for some, not for others
Calves Center of Muscle Head Dead center of either head – 2 spots per calf This is the most painful area to inject and will be extremely sore almost every time – there is no reason to inject calves for 99% of all people
Deltoids Center of each Head Dead center of all three heads – 3 spots per deltoid The lateral head is the easiest head to inject and the most convenient spot to inject other than glutes – most no one will need the front or rear head, but it is possible
Glutes Upper Outer Edge 2 inches below the lower back and move towards the hip approximately 2-3 inches – 1 spot per glute This will be the easiest and most convenient area to inject for anyone
Lats Center of Muscle Direct center of head – 1 spot per lat Can hold a lot of oil – very hard to do on your own due to reaching around to the area – beneficial if more areas are needed and you have a helpful hand
Pectorals Upper, Middle & Lower Upper Inside – middle inside – lower outside – 3 spots per pectoral The lower outside area can be extremely painful – most will find the upper inside to the most tolerable – should only be used if injections are so frequent new areas are needed
Quads Outer & Inner Heads Direct center of either head – 2 spots per quad The lower head (tear drop) can be extremely painful and while it can be used is not recommended
Traps Center of Muscle Direct center of the head – 1 spot per trap Absolutely no reason to inject this area – can be dangerous and is only mentioned for informative purposes as it is possible
Triceps Center of Each Head Dead center of all three heads – 3 spots per triceps Most will find the long head, the part on the very back of the arm to be the easiest to inject – The lateral head can also be used, the front most portion of the triceps muscle – the medial head can be extremely difficult to inject and painful for most




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