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Pharmaceutical Nootropics CRL-40, 941 Powder Fladrafinil For Memory Enhancement

Pharmaceutical Nootropics CRL-40, 941 Powder Fladrafinil For Memory Enhancement

  • Pharmaceutical Nootropics CRL-40, 941 Powder Fladrafinil For Memory Enhancement
  • Pharmaceutical Nootropics CRL-40, 941 Powder Fladrafinil For Memory Enhancement
Pharmaceutical Nootropics CRL-40, 941 Powder Fladrafinil For Memory Enhancement
Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: RawsGear
Certification: ISO 9001, USP,GMP
Model Number: 90212-80-9
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Minimum Order Quantity: 10g
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Detailed Product Description
Product Name: CRL-40,941 Alias: Fladrafinil
Category: Nootropics Usage: Memory Enhancement
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Pharmaceutical Nootropics CRL-40, 941 Powder Fladrafinil For Memory Enhancement


CRL-40,941 (Fladrafinil) quick details


CRL-40,941 (also referred to as fladrafinil or fluorafinil) is a wakefulness-promoting agent closely related to adrafinil and modafinil. It is the bis(p-fluoro) ring-substituted derivative of adrafinil. CRL-40,941 was found to produce antiaggressive effects in animals, which adrafinil does not produce.

Product Description:

Synonyms: Fladrafinil, Fluorafinil, 2-(bis(4-fluorophenyl)methylsulfinyl)-N-hydroxyacetamide

Formal Name: 2-{[Bis(4-fluorophenyl)methyl]sulfinyl}-N-hydroxyacetamide

Formula C15H13F2NO3S

Molecular Weight: 325.3304264 g/mol

Purity ≥99%

CAS Number: 90212-80-9

Melting Point:90-91°C
Solubility: Poorly soluble in water; Soluble to 5 mg / mL in ethanol; Soluble to 10 mg / mL in isopropanol.

Pharmaceutical Nootropics CRL-40, 941 Powder Fladrafinil For Memory Enhancement 0


CRL-40,941 description


CRL-40,941 is a molecule similar to adrafinil and has shown that it is more effective than these two molecules in their indications with fewer side effects. It is a wakefulness-promoting agent used for treatment of disorders such as narcolepsy, shift work sleep disorder, and excessive daytime sleepiness associated with obstructive sleep apnea. Finally, it will be to positively modulate Glutamate receptors as well which is theorized to be the main mechanism of action behind the cognitive benefits of this smart drug. It also works by preventing the breakdown of Dopamine, which helps to improve mood and reduce stress. It is further thought to stimulate the release of Serotonin which can help to regulate sleep as well as lessen anxiety.


CRL-40,941 can use to improve student’s memory and enhance their cognitive. Compare with others nootropics it is able to possible treatment for ADHD and idiopathic hypersomnia but low toxicity though not much research would prove this claim.



CRL-40,941 COA


tem Specification Results
Physical Property
Appearance White Powder Conforms
Odor Characteristic Conforms
General Analysis


Assay (Test by HPLC)

Loss on Drying

Identical to sample

99% – 101%





Specific Rotation +20.0 ~+22.0° Conforms
Ash ≤3.0% 0.68%
Lead (Pb) ≤3.0mg/kg 2.2
Arsenic (As) ≤2.0mg/kg 1.6
Cadmium (Cd) ≤1.0mg/kg 0.5
Mercury (Hg) ≤0.1mg/kg 0.06
Total Plate Count ≤1000cfu/g Conforms
Yeast&Mold ≤100cfu/g Conforms
E.Coli. Negative Conforms
Salmonella Negative Conforms




CRL-40,941 Function

  • Increasing the motivation level

  • Improved learning / memory skills

  • Memory overclocker

  • Increased waking, vigilance

  • attention deficit, sleep disorders, and mild treatment of depression.

  • chemical / physical damage, brain damage

  • to solve the problem of brain damage and to protect it from any chemical or physical injury


Which Smart Drug Is Better, crl-40 940 vs crl-40 941?


  • Applicable Research on CRL-40,940 vs. CRL-40,941

The bulk of current clinical investigation is focused on CRL-40,940 powder cas 90280-13-0. This is not to imply that fladrafinil powder is ineffective. The fact is that adrafinil is fairly well-understood by comparison. Its method of action is to be metabolized by the liver into modafinil powder, which then crosses the blood-brain barrier to boost neural function. Although this mechanism is well-known, the differences between CRL-40,941 powder and CRL-40,940 powder are far less clearly-defined. It is necessary to rely on the word of members of online sites and forums dedicated to the discussion of nootropics. Enthusiasts on such sites will discuss these drugs with varying degrees of knowledge and objectivity, and one must learn to separate the wheat from the chaff. Nevertheless, the scientific evidence thus far discovered does tend to support the view that both CRL-40,940 and CRL-40,941 are very effective agents. CRL-40,940 studies have reported its effects to be comparable to those of far more dangerous amphetamine stimulants for the treatment of sleep deprivation and its associated symptoms, such as low mood and impaired mental function.


  • Adverse Effects of CRL-40,940 and CRL-40,941

As both drugs are strong, it follows that they will have noticeable adverse effects. It is not uncommon for modafinil or adrafinil uses to report a sense of agitation, anxiousness and, occasionally, queasiness and stomach upset. Online reports either damn or praise the ability of both drugs to suppress appetite. There is some concern over CRL-40,941’s long-term effects upon the liver. Certain users worry that consuming a drug which is converted by the liver may cause harm to that organ. It should be pointed out that this is a theoretical concern, and no such harmful effect has been reliably documented. A certain Reddit user conducted a trial on himself and found no evidence of liver impairment from using the drug. Of course, the trial was not conducted under ideal conditions and may have been too short to produce a reliable result. One area in which CRL-40,941 powder has a clear and undeniable advantage is in its regulatory classification; it is unregulated and therefore entirely legal. This is distinct from modafinil, CRL-40,940 cas 90280-13-0 and similar substances, which are considered scheduled drugs and therefore available only subject to a prescription. Notwithstanding, it is a simple matter to purchase modafinil online but those who do so should be aware that they are skirting the law. No such strictures apply to CRL-40,941 however, so it may be purchased and consumed without any legal concerns.



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