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Pharma Grade Trenbolone And Dianabol Steroids 8 Week Steroid Cycle 10ml/Vial

Pharma Grade Trenbolone And Dianabol Steroids 8 Week Steroid Cycle 10ml/Vial

  • Pharma Grade Trenbolone And Dianabol Steroids 8 Week Steroid Cycle 10ml/Vial
  • Pharma Grade Trenbolone And Dianabol Steroids 8 Week Steroid Cycle 10ml/Vial
Pharma Grade Trenbolone And Dianabol Steroids 8 Week Steroid Cycle 10ml/Vial
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Detailed Product Description
Product Name: Steroid Cycle Steroid Cycle: Trenbolone And Dianabol
Trenbolone Cycle: 12 Weeks Trenbolone Dose: 50mg/day
Dianabol Dose: 50mg/day Specification: 10ml/vial
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An Eight Week Steroid Cycle With Trenbolone and Dianabol Steroids



8 week steroid cycle


Someone asked “I have done four trenbolone/Dianabol two-week cycles. The results were great until the last one. I got a total of 25 lb retained muscle from the first three, but only about 3 lb more in the last one. I moved up to 75 mg/day trenbolone acetate for that one, too. That last result has me wanting to do 8 weeks now.

How do I adapt the cycle for 8 weeks? I’m reluctant to push Dianabol for 8 weeks on account of the liver. I have no problems there but don’t want to risk. I would also like to switch from everyday pinning. That’s okay for 2 weeks but always by the end of the second week I’m glad it’s over.”



8 week steroid cycle description

But the point is, three pounds of retained muscle is not at all bad for two weeks time. As it’s possible to do eight 2 on / 4 off cycles per year, or thirteen 2 on / 2 off cycles, one could achieve even less per cycle and be very well ahead for the year.

That said, let’s adapt your cycle for eight weeks !

The trenbolone program will be trenbolone enanthate 700 mg on Day 1, and 200 mg every other day throughout Weeks 1-6. In weeks 7 and 8, you’ll switch to trenbolone acetate 75 mg/day, with the last injection being on the fourth day of Week 8.

You need about 40% more trenbolone enanthate than acetate to have an equal amount of trenbolone, because the ester adds more weight. This is why the milligram amount is increased compared to your previous cycles.

On the Dianabol usage, your concern on the timeframe brings up an interesting point. I think the main area where my cycle planning likely can be advanced is with regard to orals. The six-week limitation is an extremely well-proven approach, and when broken there have been cases where liver values were poor by the 8-week point. But that was prior to TUDCA. I doubt that TUDCA is a cure-all for the liver issues of alkylated steroids, but it’s possible it may help enough to make routine 8-week use acceptable. I mean acceptable in the sense that it can be recommended to thousands of people and not harm any of them.
If it were me, and at some near point I will do it, I’d try the Dianabol at 50 mg/day with TUDCA 500 mg/day with intention to probably do all 8 weeks with the Dianabol. However, I’d do a liver test at 6 weeks and would discontinue use if serum bilirubin or GGT were outside the normal range. My replacement for Dianabol 50 mg/day would be testosterone propionate 50 mg/day.

If you do choose to limit your Dianabol use to 6 weeks, then I’d do the first two weeks with testosterone propionate 50 mg/day, with 150 mg on Day 1, and begin Dianabol in Week 3.

As you didn’t mention using an anti-aromatase, I’m supposing your personal experience is you can use Dianabol at 50 mg/day without estrogen problem. However, if you did need an an anti-aromatase, then use the same as you did before.

You can also use the same PCT as before, for example Clomid 300 mg on Day 1 as three doses of 100 mg, followed by 50 mg/day for most likely 4 weeks, and until you’re completely confident of full recovery.


Pharma Grade Trenbolone And Dianabol Steroids 8 Week Steroid Cycle 10ml/Vial 0


How to use Dinabol ?

Dianabol (methandrostenolone), also commonly known as “Dbol”, is perhaps the most popular oral anabolic steroid ever produced, and for good reason. While it is best used in combination with certain injectables, Dianabol also has considerable effect used by itself.

The prevalent philosophy regarding anabolic steroid use in bodybuilding, and one I generally subscribe to, is that if using drugs which will suppress the hypothalamic/pituitary/testicular axis (HPTA) anyway, one might as well get a high degree of effect at the same time. Half-measures are less efficient, as twice as much time being suppressed would be required for the same result. Using Dianabol alone is not consistent with this philosophy, and best-possible results are not achieved.

But it is also a valid philosophy to employ anabolic steroids in a manner which, while not maximally effective, is not greatly inhibitory of natural production of testosterone. In earlier days, many outstanding physiques were built with Dianabol as the only steroid used. It is not the “all out” way to go, but this approach doesn’t deserve quite the disdain it usually receives today.

Dianabol can serve well for either purpose – stacked with an injectable in the first case, or used alone in the second.



Dianabol Dose

Dosing of Dianabol is somewhat interesting, in that for most anabolic steroids it is a rather gray area as to what constitutes the maximum useful dose. In the case of Dianabol however, there has long been general agreement that while 50 mg/day is clearly more effective than anything substantially less, more than 50 mg/day adds nothing further, or nothing that can be noticed. This has been my own finding as well.
It is established that 50 mg/day Dianabol taken morning-only causes little HPTA suppression. When used as part of a stack, I recommend divided doses, such as 10 mg five times per day, or 20 mg on arising and 10 mg three times thereafter. The reason for such frequent dosing is that the half life is quite short: about four hours.

In terms of pharmacological properties, methandrostenolone is only a weak agonist (activator) of the androgen receptor (AR), with poor binding. It follows, then, that much or perhaps most of its value likely comes from non-AR-mediated effects. In any case, it exhibits synergistic effect – the combination being greater than the sum of the parts – with a Class I steroid such as trenbolone acetate. It is therefore categorized as a Class II steroid.


Pharma Grade Trenbolone And Dianabol Steroids 8 Week Steroid Cycle 10ml/Vial 1

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