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Natural Male Enhancement Supplements Testosterone Isocaproate Cas 15262-86-9

Natural Male Enhancement Supplements Testosterone Isocaproate Cas 15262-86-9

  • Natural Male Enhancement Supplements Testosterone Isocaproate Cas 15262-86-9
  • Natural Male Enhancement Supplements Testosterone Isocaproate Cas 15262-86-9
Natural Male Enhancement Supplements Testosterone Isocaproate Cas 15262-86-9
Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Pharmlab
Certification: ISO 9001, USP,GMP
Model Number: CAS: 15262-86-9
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Minimum Order Quantity: 10g
Price: negotiation
Packaging Details: Well disguised package ; Foil bag ; Special channel to EU
Delivery Time: 3~5 work days
Payment Terms: Western Union, MoneyGram, T/T, Bitcoin
Supply Ability: Mass in stock
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Detailed Product Description
Product Name: Testosterone Isocaproate CAS: 15262-86-9
Purity: >98% Shipping Method: EMS,HKEMS,FEDEX,DHL,UPS,Aramex,ETC
Shipping Policy: 100% Resend If Custom Seized Special Shipping: Differ From Ohter Company With USA Based Delivery
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Testosterone Male Sex Hormone Testosterone Isocaproate Anabolic Steroid Powder



Quick detail 

Product name: Testosterone Isocaproate
CAS :15262-86-9
EINECS : 239-307-1
Appearance: white crystalloid powder
Product Categories: Steroids;Steroid and Hormone;API;testosterone
Usage :As a male hormone and anabolic hormones.

Storage: it is recommended to store ai the room temperature below 30 degrees C.

Keep the drug away from direct sunlight, heat and moistrue.

Do not let the drug at the sight and reach of children



What is Testosterone Isocaproate ?


Testosterone Isocaproate is not found individually but it is contained in some other drugs such as in Sustanon 250 and also in Omnadren, which are easily available in the market. Testosterone Isocaproate is somewhat same to the Testosterone Caproate but with a few exceptions. It has got same number of hydrogens, carbons, oxygen and same molecular weight but its active life is one day more as compared to Testosterone Caproate. Testosterone Isocaproate is bounded with a fatty acid or an ester which causes a delay in its release in the body. As told earlier that it has got a more active life which means it will stay in the body for a longer period of time and therefore to get it in the form of an injection once or at max twice a week in enough.



What is Testosterone Isocaproate application ?


Testosterone Isocaproate will help in increasing the body weight and will also help in gaining the strength. It also helps in losing fat in the body and gives an increase in libido, red blood cells, stamina and quick recovery after heavy training.


As told earlier it is very hard to be found in the market in its purest form but its raw powder form is available in the market in the form of Testosterone Cypionate and Testosterone Enanthate. Testosterone Isocaproate is useful in increasing the synthesis of protein in the body, reduction of the cortisol, increasing the ability to recover especially after heavy trainings, increasing strength and helps the person gaining more mass. It is also very efficient in both cutting and the bulking cycles. But as it is related with the family of androgen it will have aromatizing properties as well. Apart from these benefits it has got all other benefits associated with it which are also associated with any other testosterone.



What is the benefits of Testosterone Isocaproate ?


The benefits of Isocaproate based compounds like Omnadren and Sustanon-250 can be broken down into two generalized categories; the benefits obtained by the traits above and what this type of compound provides in comparison to a single ester form. As discussed early on, the benefit of a testosterone mixture is to provide the best of both worlds in a small and large ester sense, and this provides both a fast acting testosterone with long lasting effects in an overall duration sense. That may sound overly simplified, but there’s really nothing more to it than that. Then we have the actual benefits based on the traits above, and as Omnadren and Sustanon-250 are almost strictly used for performance we’re only going to focus on the benefits in that light.


For the off-season athlete, the individual looking to add significant amounts of lean mass and strength, Isocaproate forms are a perfect choice as they will significantly promote both ends. Further, by the increased metabolic atmosphere, you are now able to gain more lean mass with less body-fat accumulation, and that is invaluable. Of course, the same compounds can be used for cutting too; after all, an enhanced metabolism means increased fat-burning abilities, and as testosterone is a tremendous lean tissue preserver it’s simply an excellent choice for any cutting plan.


If that’s not enough, regardless of your purpose of use these Isocaproate based testosterone compounds will enhance your muscular endurance; they will increase your overall rate of recovery and even provide you with more energy. You will not tire out as fast, you will heal and your body will repair at a faster and more efficient rate, and if that’s not performance enhancement nothing is. In many ways, the testosterone steroid is one of the easiest to understand, one of the simplest of all, but while it may be simple it is beyond valuable and perhaps the most valuable anabolic androgenic steroid of all time. Further, when it comes to the healthy adult male, it is also one of the most well-tolerated, and there is nothing more valuable than that.



Testosterone Isocaproate Quality Analysis Certificate


Product name Testosterone Isocaproate
Batch EG20140711
Mfd. Date 2016/ 07/10
Date of Analysis 2016/07/13
Packing 1kg/ foil bag
Description Sterilized and Injectable Grade and White or Practically White Crystalline Powder
Identification IR Spectrum HPLC Positive
Solubility Practically insoluble in water,very Solublein acetonechloride, freely soluble in fatty oils Positive
Specific Rotation +82°~+88° +84.5°
Loss on drying ≤ 0.50% ≤ 0.21%
Melting Point 34~39 ºC 35~38 ºC
Assay 97.0% ~ 102.0% 99.18%
Specific Rotation +77°~+82° +78.9°
Free Heptanoch Acid ≤ 0.6ml Confirms

Related Substance(TLC)
Impurities A,B,C,D,E,F,G≤ 0.5%
Unspecifities≤ 0.1%
Total ≤ 1.0%
Disregard limit ≤ 0.05%
Conclusion This batchcomplieswith BP2009


Natural Male Enhancement Supplements Testosterone Isocaproate Cas 15262-86-9 0


Natural Male Enhancement Supplements Testosterone Isocaproate Cas 15262-86-9 1


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