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Anabolic Hormone Metribolone Methyltrienolone Safe Muscle Building Steroids CAS 965-93-5

Anabolic Hormone Metribolone Methyltrienolone Safe Muscle Building Steroids CAS 965-93-5

    • Anabolic Hormone Metribolone Methyltrienolone Safe Muscle Building Steroids CAS 965-93-5
    • Anabolic Hormone Metribolone Methyltrienolone Safe Muscle Building Steroids CAS 965-93-5
  • Anabolic Hormone Metribolone Methyltrienolone Safe Muscle Building Steroids CAS 965-93-5

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    Place of Origin: China
    Brand Name: RAWSGEAR
    Certification: ISO 9001 ,USP,GMP
    Model Number: 965-93-5

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    Packaging Details: Disguised pacakge ; Foil bag
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    Detailed Product Description
    Product Name: Methyltrienolone Other Name: METRIBOLONE
    CAS: 965-93-5 Appearance: Fine Light Yellow Powder
    Grade: Pharmaceutical Grade Molecular Formula: C19H24O2
    Molecular Weight: 284.39 Export Markets: Global
    High Light:

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    muscle gain steroids


    Anabolic Hormone Metribolone Methyltrienolone Safe Muscle Building Steroids CAS 965-93-5



    Quick Detail


    Name: Methyltrienolone

    CAS: 965-93-5

    Assay: 98% Min

    Usage: an Anabolic Steroid. Pharmaceutical Material, Steroids

    Use Type: Bodybuilding Injectable MethyltrienoloneGrade:Pharmaceutical Methyltrienolone

    Export Markets: Global

    Trademark: Pharmlab

    Packing: Foil Bag or Tin

    Origin: China

    HS Code: 2901210000

    Production Capacity: 500kg/Month Methyltrienolone



    Basic Info.


    English name: Metribolone
    Alias: Methyltrienolone
    CAS No.: 965-93-5
    Molecular Formula:C19H24O2 C19H24O2
    =Molecular Weight:284.39 284.40
    Characters: Fine light yellow powder.
    Use: Steroid hormone, increase muscular endurance and power.
    Packing: Foil Bag or Tin





    Methyltrienolone (MT) is a very effective, toxic, non-aromatic steroid. First, MT is valid. It binds to AR (androgen receptor) so strongly that it is used to measure the strength of their binding when studying other androgens. In other words, this kind of thing so strongly binds to the AR receptor, making it almost a benchmark for that quality. Androgen receptors are found in adipocytes and muscle cells; they act on AR in muscle cells to promote growth and affect fat burning in adipocytes. The stronger the combination of androgen with AR, the fat (fat) fat decomposition (fat burning)) tissue. Unfortunately, strong combination does not mean that it will cause the strongest metabolic response, nor is the weakest combination that will cause weak synthetic metabolic reactions.


    Methyltrienolone; Anabolic Hormones; Anabolin; Anabolic Steroids; Steroid Powder; Hormone Powders; Bodybuilding; Raw Powder; Muscle Building; Pharmaceutical Intermediate; Trenbolone Powder

    Metribolone (methyltrienolone aka R1881) is a potent, non-aromatizable androgen that is structurally similar to trenbolone and has been referred to as oral tren.

    Methyltrienolone binds strongly to the androgen receptor (AR) and is a more potent agonist (activator) of the androgen receptor than is DHT.

    methyltrienolone is one of the most powerful anabolic steroids ever created. It is also one of the most hepatotoxic androgens ever produced.

    Originally developed by Roussell-UCLAF during the 1960s, the hepatoxicity of Metribolone prevented its commercial release.

    Metribolone is an anabolic steroid used for muscle binding and performance boosting. It is considered a very strong steroid.




    a. Methyltrienolone is a steroid compound which is mostly unavailable on the market.The reason for its obscurity is that it is really highly toxic to the liver that even just as little as 2 mgs a week maybe cause jaundice of the liver.


    b. Besides its toxicity to the liver, it will also cause sexual dysfunction.Although it seems obviously dangerous and can't be recommended for use,it is worth noting that its properties for muscle building and fat burning are the most effective steroids available today.


    c. Methyltrienolone aka R1881 is a highly potent,non-aromatizable androgenic Steroid that has been structurally referred to "oral tren".Effective dosages begin at only 25mcg.




    This steroid belongs to progestin,it will not be aromatized.But study gave a side effect that it is toxic to liver.MT also will effect your sexual drive just like the tren and nand which means it will give you side effect just like temporary Impotence and/or a lack of libido.


    Anabolic Hormone Metribolone Methyltrienolone Safe Muscle Building Steroids CAS 965-93-5 0

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