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Nootropic Drugs SARMs Raw Powder Carphedon Phenylpiracetam With 99% Purity

Nootropic Drugs SARMs Raw Powder Carphedon Phenylpiracetam With 99% Purity

    • Nootropic Drugs SARMs Raw Powder Carphedon Phenylpiracetam With 99% Purity
    • Nootropic Drugs SARMs Raw Powder Carphedon Phenylpiracetam With 99% Purity
  • Nootropic Drugs SARMs Raw Powder Carphedon Phenylpiracetam With 99% Purity

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: China
    Brand Name: Pharmlab
    Certification: ISO 9001, USP,GMP
    Model Number: 77472-70-9

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    Minimum Order Quantity: 10g
    Price: negotiation
    Packaging Details: Disguised package ; Foil bag
    Delivery Time: 3-5 work days
    Payment Terms: Western Union, MoneyGram, T/T, bitcoin
    Supply Ability: Mass in stock
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    Detailed Product Description
    Product Name: Carphedon Other Name: Phenylpiracetam
    CAS: 77472-70-9 Appearance: White Crystals Powder
    Purity: 99% MW: 218.25
    MF: C12H14N2O2 Policy: Re-Shipping Policy




    Pharmaceutical Raw Materials Nootropic Drugs Sarms Powder Carphedon Phenylpiracetam


    Quick detail


    Product name: Carphedon


    Other name: Phenylpiracetam


    CAS: 77472-70-9


    Appearance: white crystals powder


    purity: 99%


    Trademark: Pharmlab


    Original: China


    Grade: Pharmaceutical grade


    Package: Disguised package ; Foil bag


    Delivery date: 3-5 work days


    Certificate: ISO 9001, USP,GMP


    Payment: Western Union, MoneyGram, T/T, bitcoin




    Policy: Re-Shipping Policy






    Product detail


    Product Name Carphedon Phenylpiracetam
    CAS Registry Number 77472-70-9
    Molecular Formula C12H14N2O2
    Molecular Weight 218.3
    Purity 99%
    Grade Pharmaceutical Grade
    Appearance White cystalline powder



    What is Carphedon?


    Carphedon is a relatively new suppository supplements, which are said to be 60 times higher than piracetam's strength.


    The effect of Carphedon is roughly the same as that observed when using piracetam: improving learning, memory, focus and mood.


    Other benefits can include increased creativity, better solving problems and reasoning, enhancing awareness and improving physical fitness.


    Carphedon is particularly effective in improving energy levels and improving power, which is why it is often used as a research drug.


    May even benefit adults with ADD or ADHD as well as individuals with chronic low energy and fatigue.


    This push oot agent is known for providing doping effects rather than actually doping, which is why many people like it as a substitute for Adderall.



    Carphedon application


    Carphedon seems to be a model of recommended drugs for the body and brain.


    Although many mental supplements can have a positive effect on physical performance and psychological performance, in fact, Caldorfen was originally developed for athletes to use.


    The first to use this medicine is to increase the body's cold and painful threshold. By stimulating the dopamine receptor in the brain, it may reduce the body's sensitivity to pain.


    The chi-square is also considered to improve the neuromuscular connection, leading to better sporting activity and coordination. Some bodybuilders and athletes still use this compound as a supplement before exercise.


    This ingredient is more effective than piracetam in part because it is 100% bioavailability and is rapidly absorbed from the intestines and other organs. The modified chemical structure of the compound also allows it to better penetrate the blood-brain barrier.


    For most people, Carphedon starts working in 30 minutes and reaches the maximum concentration in the brain after one hour. Carphedon's half-life is three to five hours longer than other horse equines.




    Carphedon effect


    Like other Racetams, Carphedon stimulates acetylcholine receptors and glutamate receptors in the brain. These neurotransmitters are closely related to the ability of your brain to establish new connections between neurons, forming new memories, processing information and performing computations.


    By increasing the activity of these two neurotransmitters, you can improve synaptic plasticity and even improve the exchange between the two hemispheres of the brain.


    Carphedon also affects the hippocampus, which is involved in the formation of new memory in the brain area. When using Carphedon, you may feel that you can effortlessly remember all the details of your day or from the material you read.


    In addition to improving the awakening and spiritual energy, you will experience a higher degree of concentration and focus.


    Carphedon Dose


    As one of the most effective Laxitan psychiatric drugs, it is important that you can accurately measure the dose of your card non-powder. Kapard's dose range is 100 mg to 250 mg, taking up to three times a day. You should try different dosage levels to determine which works best for you. If this is your first use of schizophrenia, it is a good idea to start with a half dose, only after a few weeks of experience to reach the full amount.


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    Nootropic Drugs SARMs Raw Powder Carphedon Phenylpiracetam With 99% Purity

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